Report Details Teams’ Technical Architectures and Implementations

This post originally appeared on the Project HealthDesign Blog.

Libby Dowdall, Communications Coordinator, Project HealthDesign National Program Office

A new report from Project HealthDesign technical partners Sujansky & Associates details the technical architectures and implementations employed by each of the project’s five current research teams. For each team, the report describes which observations of daily living (ODLs) patients are tracking, the technologies the patients use to collect ODL data, how the resulting ODL data is interpreted by the teams’ technologies, and how patients and clinicians are able to review the ODL data.

The report concludes with an overview of patterns and lessons common across the five teams’ technical implementations, including observations about:

  • Third-party platform integration
  • Integration of ODLs with clinical systems
  • Battery life
  • Data caching on mobile devices

For a comprehensive overview of the teams’ technical architectures and implementations, read the full draft report, “Project HealthDesign: Technical Architectures and Implementations.”

For a quick overview of the teams’ technical architecture diagrams, view the presentation below: