Engaging Your Community Part Three: Evaluating Emerging Platforms (like Google+)

Once you’ve landed on a starting approach for your organization’s social media efforts, it might seem like a hassle to continually evaluate new social platforms as they emerge. But continuous evaluation means the opportunity to say yes or no as each new opportunity arises. And even if a particular platform doesn’t fit well with your organizational communications or social media strategy, you’ll still need to know about most of the latest social media options. After all, you want to be prepared in case your colleagues come to you for guidance as they consider trying new platforms for their own projects or for professional development purposes.

As a case study, let’s consider Google+. The platform became available to individual users in June. Then, in November, Google opened it up to brands and organizations. If the recent announcement of new facial recognition functionality is any indication of Google’s plans to continue developing the product, then Google+ is worth evaluating. Even if you decide not to incorporate Google+ into your social media plan today,  you’ll still want to keep an eye on if and how they continue to tie Google+ content into Google searches. For now, the main way is through Direct Connect . But in the future, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if they were to give Google+ content higher search rankings than other social media content.

Have you evaluated Google+ or other emerging social platforms? Which ones made the cut?

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