A List of Curated Lists

It’s time to share the love. Although there are tons of great writers and thinkers out there, there are a few content curators who consistently deliver delightful, niche lists. Here’s a few of my favorites:

Higher education:

  • Your Higher Education Marketing Newsletter from Bob Johnson
    This monthly newsletter always includes great marketing and higher ed links I haven’t seen anywhere else.
  • Friday Five posts from Andrew Careaga
    Friday Fives often touch on editing, leadership, creativity, and other more general business insights that relate to higher ed. Editors rejoice!
  • Favorite Links posts from Woychick Design
    Patience, grasshopper. These posts only appear every few months, but when they magically appear in your feed reader, they will contain great links about nonprofit trends and social media, along with other delightful surprises.


  • Six Links Worthy of Your Attention posts from Mitch Joel
    These posts tend to highlight the week’s best articles (that you somehow missed) from more mainstream media outlets. Typical content is business-focused; many links relate to design and publishing.

Who have I missed? I’d be happy to let other curators do the hard work for me, so point me in the right direction!

One thought on “A List of Curated Lists”

  1. Here’s another one for your list: Confessions of a Science Librarian (http://scienceblogs.com/confessions/). The author, John DuPuis, posts “Around the Web” collections of interesting links from time to time. Many of them have to do with science, but there are many great links to blog posts and articles I might not find otherwise.

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